Subject [IBO] Re: TIB_Syncursor problem
Author Steve Fields
--- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@i...> wrote:
> As said. An DML caching application recompiled with 4.5Ai works fine
> here. Not that much help I fear.
> But, you check the following:
> - Is the AFTER INSERT trigger on the log table active?

AfterInsert/AfterUpdate/AfterDelete triggers are set up,
(and IBO$DMLCACHE triggers are set)

> - Does it have the POST_EVENT statement?
> - Is the event name exactly the one you are using in TIB_SyncCursor?

default SyncCursor settings and all match,

> - And, are you sure that people are connecting to the database with
> distinct database users?

and each user is logged on differently

I have not made any changes to the basic program
between the last recompile with IBO 4.5Ah and
IBO 4.5Ai and when comparing an old program with
the current one: the older one works the new one
does not. I sent a copy of a test program to Jason
that also did not work. It had all of the basics set.
(I have a program that I run that creates all of the standard
triggers and cache DML file and triggers. I have used it
for several years and nothing has changed)

Steve Fields