Subject Re: [IBO] Re: TIB_Syncursor problem
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
Hi Steve,

> I am using Autocommit tiCommitted with:
> Delphi 5E, XP sp1, Interbase 6.01
> It worked before. Only difference was
> a caption change and a few printing
> routines added. Now it does not update
> other sessions on other PCs but the old
> program does, even when others are running
> the new application.

As said. An DML caching application recompiled with 4.5Ai works fine
here. Not that much help I fear.

But, you check the following:

- Is the AFTER INSERT trigger on the log table active?
- Does it have the POST_EVENT statement?
- Is the event name exactly the one you are using in TIB_SyncCursor?
- And, are you sure that people are connecting to the database with
distinct database users?

Best Regards,
Thomas Steinmaurer
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