Subject TIB_Syncursor problem
Author Steve Fields
Have there been some changes in the TIB_SyncCursor
component? I have not made any procedural changes to
an application I created some time ago, I just changed
some captions on components on a form. Now, though, with the
new sources you released (4.5Ai D7) I no longer get the
DML updates reflecting in other running copies of the same
program on other PCs in a network.
I have the TIB_Connection making a prepare of the
TIB_SyncCursor component in the AfterConnect event of the
Connection, I have all DML settings set to full notify
in all of my TIB_Query components, and I have the full setup
in the database. (IBO$DML_CACHE and triggers) This program
has been working for a year or so correctly until now.

Steve Fields