Subject IB-Grid, OnClickr event
Author Daniel Jimenez

As I am experiencing what I consider "Strange behaviour" while using the
IB_grid, I have decided to write a demo.

The scenario is that:

The application has two grids, one displays data from a master table, and
the second grid will displays data from a detail table based on the user's
selected master record, by means of clicking on the "master" grid.

Thus, if the user was to click on a master record in the "Master" grid, if a
detail record(s) associated to the master record where to exist, they will
be displayed on the "Detail Grid"

Now the problem I am having is as follows:

If I use the OnClick event for IB_Grid,

After the "master" grid is populated with all the master records:

If the user clicks on the first cell of the first row on the "Master" grid,
nothing happens, as if the click never happen (regardless on the number of
times she/he clicks on this same cell).

But if she/he was to click any other cell except that mention in point (1)
the associated detail record(s) are displayed on the "Detail" grid.

The behaviour mention in point (1) only happens directly after populating
the grid and prior to any other cell click taking place on this "Master
grid". Thus, if the user click on some other cell and then clicked on the
problem cell as described in point (1) the correct and expected result (i.e.
the associated detail record is displayed in the "detail" grid) takes place.

I am not sure if this is a problem in my logic or if it is an existing

Any comments, suggestions help, etc would really be appreciated.



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