Subject Re: IB-Grid, OnClickr event
Author Bob Zirbel
Hi Daniel.

I am experiencing a similar but simpler problem that may be related.
If you set IndicateRow to False, OnDblClick doesn't fire on the
first row of the grid.

I have an App where I am drawing the grid fields myself and I don't
want the row indicator showing so this problem is causing me a lot
of grief.

I have posted this problem several times but I have yet to receive
an answer.



--- In, "Daniel Jimenez" <d.jimenez@c...>
> Hi,
> As I am experiencing what I consider "Strange behaviour" while
using the
> IB_grid, I have decided to write a demo.
> The scenario is that:
> The application has two grids, one displays data from a master
table, and
> the second grid will displays data from a detail table based on
the user's
> selected master record, by means of clicking on the "master" grid.
> Thus, if the user was to click on a master record in the "Master"
grid, if a
> detail record(s) associated to the master record where to exist,
they will
> be displayed on the "Detail Grid"
> Now the problem I am having is as follows:
> If I use the OnClick event for IB_Grid,
> After the "master" grid is populated with all the master records:
> (1)
> If the user clicks on the first cell of the first row on
the "Master" grid,
> nothing happens, as if the click never happen (regardless on the
number of
> times she/he clicks on this same cell).
> (2)
> But if she/he was to click any other cell except that mention in
point (1)
> the associated detail record(s) are displayed on the "Detail"
> The behaviour mention in point (1) only happens directly after
> the grid and prior to any other cell click taking place on
this "Master
> grid". Thus, if the user click on some other cell and then clicked
on the
> problem cell as described in point (1) the correct and expected
result (i.e.
> the associated detail record is displayed in the "detail" grid)
takes place.
> I am not sure if this is a problem in my logic or if it is an
> issue.
> Any comments, suggestions help, etc would really be appreciated.
> Thanks
> daniel
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