Subject IB_Import and Primary Key problem
Author bmckenna6
I'm trying to work through various challenges with IB_Import.

Working with my full tab delimited record, I encountered
"Invalid char/format error in ascii file."

(The records are exported from an ACCESS db with various inserts
in the varchar/blob fields such as #NEW LINE#, and for one field
#NULL# for which I inserted a 'SKIP' [my SkipFieldMarker])

So I've tried to simplify and just use the first few fields to
get IB_Import working.

The first exported field from the ACCESS db is its own ID for
which I have started the fieldlist with SKIP.
I want my own ID and have a generator for that.

So, working with 20 fields (20-1 from the ACCESS db) I have stepped
into IB_Import.pas safely down to "if OKtoPost then begin"

However DSql.Execute returns
"validation error for IMPID, value ***null***"
which is my primary key.

I have defined a generator for the table and set the table
component's GeneratorLinks as "IMPID=IMPID_GEN"

Any suggestions will be appreciated.