Subject Re: [IBO] installation and support issues
Author Lester Caine
For various reasons I have not up-issued my Builder5 and Builder6 setup
to later versions of IBO4 ( I still run IBO3 in some areas, and IBO4.2 )
So I have not been able to check the Builder install properly with
recent versions.

Mack wrote:

> I am not able to install the new ibo4_5. My hard disk failed and I
> have had to install IBO all over again. I am using CBuilder6
> Professional. 5 of the packages install: core, access, tools,
> internet and tddataset. The controls package won't install. When I
> try to instal the EDT or VDT packages, i get an error message that
> goes something like "cannot install: file jconst used in vcljpg60.

Just add vcljpg to the required packages list in VDT and EDT so that it
knows to use the existing library. I believe that it was added to the
delphi versions.

> On top of this concern, will IBO be upgraded for the new version of
> CBuilder coming out in December?

Personally I am still trying to decide if the upgrade will be worth the
money :(
But I suspect that at the end of the day I will have no option but to
get it. Since it will contain both Delphi and Builder, I see little
problem in updating IBO as it is writen in Delphi, so Jason will no
doubt have it running there.
I'm not sure about the .NET side though - not been forced into bothering
with that yet ;)

Lester Caine
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