Subject Re: [IBO] Catastrophic Failures on Hyperthreading machines
Author Aage Johansen
Zach Saw wrote:
> Let's start a new thread regarding the issue (multithreaded IBO) I
> had with IBO / Firebird. It appears that the access violation and
> crashes seen in both the firebird API as well as IBO is due to the
> enabling of Hyperthreading.
> We've tried a few HT machines and they all exhibit the same failure -
> - complete crash of application. Once I disabled HT, the failure
> goes away. Tested it on the Centrino variants as well and it passed
> flawlessly.
> So from this I can conclude -- either IBO or Firebird is not ready
> to be ran on HT machines yet (read: IBO/Firebird crashes on HT
> machines. I'm not saying it doesn't utilize HT). Anyone else seeing
> this problem?
> ...

I've been running Fb+IBO on a hyperthreading machine for some time, no
problems. Do you try to start multiple threads withing _one_
connection? I think this will fail, and - with HT - quickly.

Aage J.