Subject Catastrophic Failures on Hyperthreading machines
Author Zach Saw
Hi all,

Let's start a new thread regarding the issue (multithreaded IBO) I
had with IBO / Firebird. It appears that the access violation and
crashes seen in both the firebird API as well as IBO is due to the
enabling of Hyperthreading.

We've tried a few HT machines and they all exhibit the same failure -
- complete crash of application. Once I disabled HT, the failure
goes away. Tested it on the Centrino variants as well and it passed

So from this I can conclude -- either IBO or Firebird is not ready
to be ran on HT machines yet (read: IBO/Firebird crashes on HT
machines. I'm not saying it doesn't utilize HT). Anyone else seeing
this problem?

This is quite sad considering most systems are equiped with HT now.
Being not able to utilize HT's advantages is one thing, crashing out
on HT machine is another...

In fact, whether running multithreaded IBO or not is not an issue.
On a HT machine, IBO exhibits anomalies as well even if it's running
on a single thread -- CommitRetaining will sometimes clear the just-
posted record while in the non-HT mode, it faithfully retained the
record in the dataset. In fact, in HT mode, there have been numerous
times when IBO ran into Access Violation just as it's IB_Component
was set to connected = true.

The only thing left for me to do now would be to find out which is
the culprit -- IBO, or Firebird's API (fbclient / gds32).dll. I'd
really appreciate it if someone would be kind enough to share
his/her experience in IBO/Firebird regarding its stability in HT

Thank you all in advance.