Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Catastrophic Failures on Hyperthreading machines
Author Salvatore Besso
hi Zach,

some months ago I went crazy about an access violation in fbembed.dll
into an application built with Delphi 7 and IBO that happened only on
Win 9x machines causing a complete system freeze (yes, it's not the same
case as yours, I know it very well, my app is single threaded) and I
couldn't figure out why it happened. It took me over a month to
determine that it was caused by a buggy collation driver :-( Anyway my
app is happily running on my HT enabled machine.

So check if you are actually using external collation drivers or UDF's,
just to eliminate other possible causes. I don't know if these drivers
and/or UDF's are thread-safe.

Just my two cents...