Subject Re: [IBO] Installing in Delphi 2005 Pro fails
Author roufusoffv
--- In, "Antti Kurenniemi" <Antti@A...>
> Hello all.
> New guy here, so be gentle with me ;-)
> I've been checking into using IBO in a project, and evaluated it
with Delphi
> 7. Seemed a good fit for my needs and I would be interested in
using it for
> real, by now I can't make it install into Delphi 2005 (pro, with
update 2
> installed) which is what I am using for the "real" work.
> Installation seems to go well (version 4.5Ai), no errors or
nothing, and it
> correctly sees that I have Delphi 7 as well. All components are
installed in
> Delphi 7 without problems, but in Delphi 2005, only "IBO Tools"
appear. The
> rest appear in the install packages -dialog, but are unchecked and
> them causes errors.
> Searching for the .bpl files shows a whole bunch of the in
> and in \windows\system32\$(BDSPROJECTSDIR)\bpl, which I think is
> incorrectly formed path.
> Anything I can do to make this work, or is there another version
in the
> works that would be available soon?
> TIA,
> Antti Kurenniemi

I'm actually having this exact same problem myself. I had downloaded
the evaluation build of IBObjects and was trying it out using Delphi
7, which was working just fine. Then, I uninstalled both IBObjects
and Delphi 7 and upgraded to Delphi 2005 and the the full registered
version of IBObjects, and I got the exact same symptoms as the
original poster. Though the package seemed to install without a
hiccup, when I actually go to use it the BPLs are in the "system32"
and "system32\$(BPLPROJECTSDIR)", there's only the single tools
category, and one symptom that he hadn't mentioned, Delphi complains
about not being able to find the BPLs in the actual directory
pointed to by $(BPLPROJECTSDIR).

I am using IBO4_5_B_Full.exe which has a timestamp of Tuesday, April
05, 2005, 12:16:54 AM. This file was extracted out of (as the link to IBO4_5_B_Full.exe directly on the
download page seems to be broken). This file was downloaded on
Thursday, October 06, 2005. My Delphi 2005 is the Professional
version and has been patched to Update 3 and has a build number of
9.0.1935.22056. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2. It was a clean
install - this was the first package that I tried to install. The
only other thing I'd done to Delphi prior to attempting this was to
patch to Update 3. Also, looking at the Add/Remove Programs list,
the IBObjects shows as version 4.5Ai. IB_Constants.pas shows the
file as version 4.5B though. I have tried installing in Delphi's
library directory as well as just on the root of my hard drive.

I also noticed that the uninstaller fails to remove its path string
from the default library path, nor does it remove the installed
packages from the package cache or known packages list, nor does it
remove its entries from the tool palette.

I'm aware that I'm reviving an old thread, but it seems like there's
still something going on under certain conditions that causes the
install to fail.

I thought about trying to muck about and see if there's a workaround
or just do a manual install, but this is a problem that others have
had as well. If I could be part of helping to fix the problem for
others out there, let me know.

Thank you, Shawn Zilbert