Subject [IBO] Installing in Delphi 2005 Pro fails
Author Antti Kurenniemi
Hello all.

New guy here, so be gentle with me ;-)

I've been checking into using IBO in a project, and evaluated it with Delphi
7. Seemed a good fit for my needs and I would be interested in using it for
real, by now I can't make it install into Delphi 2005 (pro, with update 2
installed) which is what I am using for the "real" work.

Installation seems to go well (version 4.5Ai), no errors or nothing, and it
correctly sees that I have Delphi 7 as well. All components are installed in
Delphi 7 without problems, but in Delphi 2005, only "IBO Tools" appear. The
rest appear in the install packages -dialog, but are unchecked and checking
them causes errors.

Searching for the .bpl files shows a whole bunch of the in \windows\system32
and in \windows\system32\$(BDSPROJECTSDIR)\bpl, which I think is an
incorrectly formed path.

Anything I can do to make this work, or is there another version in the
works that would be available soon?

Antti Kurenniemi