Subject Threads sharing SchemaCache info?
Author dmarmur2002
Looking at the thread example each thread would read metadata from the
database into the SchemaCache member of its TIB_Connection. In my
scenario this is read-only data and I was thinking of a way to
centralize it.

I make a connection to a database at application startup, read some
info and disconnect. This constitutes "startup phase". After this,
when a new thread (containing session, connection and lots of queries)
is created I would like that connection to re-use information from the
startup IB_Connection (main thread).

I hacked a TIB_SchemaCache.Assign(source: TIB_SchemaCache) function
but when the "base connection" disconnects it's data is invalidated,
by whereafter, (in my scenario), this assignment is to done.

I would like not to use the SchemaCacheDir functions because I would
like metadata to be refreshed completely at application startup
(server restart). And, also, how would thread number tree react if
thread number two writes to the directory? I don't think I can make
such writes thread safe?

Thanks a lot,