Subject Re: [IBO] Installing in Delphi 2005 Pro fails
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:15 PM 18/10/2005 +0000, you wrote:
>I'm actually having this exact same problem myself. I had downloaded
>the evaluation build of IBObjects and was trying it out using Delphi
>7, which was working just fine. Then, I uninstalled both IBObjects
>and Delphi 7 and upgraded to Delphi 2005 and the the full registered
>version of IBObjects, and I got the exact same symptoms as the
>original poster. Though the package seemed to install without a
>hiccup, when I actually go to use it the BPLs are in the system32
>and system32\$(BPLPROJECTSDIR), there's only the single tools
>category, and one symptom that he hadn't mentioned, Delphi complains
>about not being able to find the BPLs in the actual directory
>pointed to by $(BPLPROJECTSDIR).
>I am using IBO4_5_B_Full.exe which has a timestamp of Tuesday, April
>05, 2005, 12:16:54 AM. This file was extracted out of
> (as the link to IBO4_5_B_Full.exe directly on the
>download page seems to be broken). This file was downloaded on
>Thursday, October 06, 2005. My Delphi 2005 is the Professional
>version and has been patched to Update 3 and has a build number of
>9.0.1935.22056. I'm running Windows XP Pro SP2. It was a clean
>install - this was the first package that I tried to install. The
>only other thing I'd done to Delphi prior to attempting this was to
>patch to Update 3. Also, looking at the Add/Remove Programs list,
>the IBObjects shows as version 4.5Ai. IB_Constants.pas shows the
>file as version 4.5B though.

OK, I think you have a mix of problems here. The fact that the msi query
is showing the older release indicates that you needed to use Add/Remove to
clear the old entry out of the msi database. It doesn't actually uninstall
the old IBO version - you do have to go around and delete everything manually.

Next - though you don't say it explicitly - I don't recommend trying to
install multiple IDE versions simultaneously. The installer program gets
confused by things like the differences in the $DELPHI path.

>I'm aware that I'm reviving an old thread, but it seems like there's
>still something going on under certain conditions that causes the
>install to fail.

Sure - as far as I know, the install problems for Delphi 2005 have never
been resolved. As far as I can tell, if it's not done with explicit output
paths both pre-existing and pre-set in the IDE, and it's done while the IDE
is open, D2005 plays havoc. As you've observed, it sometimes ends up
putting the BPLs into the system dir.

>I thought about trying to muck about and see if there's a workaround
>or just do a manual install, but this is a problem that others have
>had as well. If I could be part of helping to fix the problem for
>others out there, let me know.

Certainly, if you are willing to spend some time trying to analyse what the
problem is, that would be very welcome. There's clearly *something* that
the installer script is missing re D2005. Contact me privately if you need
access to sources.