Subject Re: Catastrophic Failures on Hyperthreading machines
Author Zach Saw
I notice they've released RC2. I tried it on RC1. So I gave it
another shot and it resulted in exactly the same failure --

Project Project12.exe raised exception class EAccessViolation with
message 'Access violation at address 1002CE0B in module 'gds32.dll'.
Read of address 00000004'.

> A couple of days ago I looked at the list of bug fixes in 1.5.3
and one of them was about some crashes in fbclient.dll.
> The bug was not related to HT but it might be something that HT
makes more visible.
> I would advise you to post this on fb development list and maybe
ask for details about the bugfix.
> Did you try FB 1.5.3?