Subject RE: [IBO] Edit fields in grid supplied by Stored Procedure
Author Helen Borrie
At 05:42 AM 13/10/2005 -0400, you wrote:

>Sorry, let me start over, I turned off autocommit and the
>program still did the same thing. When I type some text
>into the edit field and use the down arrow to go to the
>next row. The text I typed into the edit field will
>vanish from the screen (it did post to the db) until I
>refresh the query. Is there any way to make the text
>continue to be displayed when I change to another row?

Probably not, unless you cache the dataset. IBO's normal process of
invalidating changed rows in the buffer to cause a row-level refresh next
time the row is accessed simply doesn't apply to SP output. "Refreshing" a
selectable SP literally means re-running it from the beginning, i.e.
closing it, then opening it again.

>I agree, the problem is I don't know how to tell IBO that
>this field is non-nullable and get it to stop allowing
>the "null" option in the checkbox. I only want it to allow
>Checked and UnChecked. What do I need to set?

1. In ColumnAttributes,
a) set REQUIRED to true
b) set BOOLEAN true and assign your true and false values

2. In DefaultValues, set the default you want - it must be either 'T' or
'F' if that's what you have in the ColumnAttributes

If you are seeing nulls (greyed checkmarks) in the SP output then there is
a logic problem with the set - maybe an outer join in the SP? You'll have
to fix this in the SP, by reading the output field in the FOR loop and
assigning either 'T' or 'F' to it if it is null. (It would be null in
cases where there wasn't an outer join match...)

If this output comes from only a single table, or from only inner joins,
then you should never see nulls deriving from non-nullable columns. If you
do, then you have a data problem in the table that needs urgent attention...

Last posting tonight. I really gotta fly between now and bedtime...