Subject Re: [IBO] Edit fields in grid supplied by Stored Procedure
Author Lucas Franzen

> Sorry, let me start over, I turned off autocommit and the
> program still did the same thing. When I type some text
> into the edit field and use the down arrow to go to the
> next row. The text I typed into the edit field will
> vanish from the screen (it did post to the db) until I
> refresh the query. Is there any way to make the text
> continue to be displayed when I change to another row?

Have a look at the CommitAction of your IB_Query.
You have to force the query to re-read the data after posting.

> I agree, the problem is I don't know how to tell IBO that
> this field is non-nullable and get it to stop allowing
> the "null" option in the checkbox. I only want it to allow
> Checked and UnChecked. What do I need to set?

Open the Query Editor, go to the ColumnAttributes page, mark the
required field and set the BOOLEAN property and enter the appropriate
TRUE and FALSE text.