Subject Re: [IBO] This is a potential problem -- exception from IBObject
Author Zach Saw
Hey guys...

A breakthrough!

I think I've found out the reason it failed...

The old sequence of my program that failed was:

create session, connection, transaction.
set connection.Connected = true

Only then I start to create Tables and attach them to IB_Connection.
Once I create the Table, I set active to true.

The new sequence which is now working:

create session, connection, transaction.
create tables, attach them to IB_Connection.

set connection.Connected = true
then only set the property to true.

Somehow whether or not I assign IB_Session to the session does not
affect the outcome. I believe as long as we have an owner of which
IB_Session shares with its dependencies, it'll work. Right, Helen?

As for the creation sequence issue, it might be worth documenting it
(at least), to save others from falling into the same pit hole...

Thanks again, Helen. And Alan too.