Subject RowSelect again, was Re: Help File
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:51 AM 7/10/2005 +0000, you wrote:

>Thanks both for the helpful feedback. However I'm still stuck on the
>effect of RowSelect. Having found a number of references in
>IB_Grid.pas I wasn't able to read the source well enough to work out
>what is happening. Not finding any source comments for this specific
>property I'm no nearer to being able to write a line or two to add to
>the help file.
>My findings so far are that the help file entry makes no mention of
>RowSelect affecting navigation, RowSelect is not listed in the
>keywords on the IBO Community site FAQ, and unfortunately the source
>is sufficiently impenetrable (to me at least) to provide assistance.
>RowSelect does more than "makes the whole selected row appear
>highlighted or not" but I'm unable to fathom out what that is. Does
>anyone have a little more time to spend on the case with me please?

I'm actually struggling to understand what you need. RowSelect really
doesn't do much at all. (Remember that all the set-related intelligence is
in the dataset, not in the controls...?)

All I've ever known RowSelect to do is switch on or off the standard
Windoze grid highlighting behaviour with respect to selecting multi-row
subsets from within your set. So if is true, then the user will be able to
hold the shift or ctrl key (acc. to whether you want contiguous rows or to
select rows at random) and then select away using the mouse. (And you can
unselect them again the same way; or call the dataset's SelectAll
procedure with False as the argument to clean out all selections...)

The TIB_BDataset has some properties and methods that let you operate on
the selection via the bookmarks of the selected rows. What "operate" means
is up to might want to code a drag 'n' drop mechanism to "copy"
the rows into another might want to "batch delete" the
selection; set some flag on them, or whatever. But you'll want RowSelect
false if you don't plan to build any such multi-select tricks into your
workflow; otherwise it will only be a source of confusion to the
user. The various members of the TIB_BDataset classes work
without the visual highlighting clues, since you can construct a stringlist
of bookmarks by whatever means you like.

But, since I don't understand what you're looking for, that's about the
best I can do...