Subject Third posting - is anyone able to offer a suggestion please?
Author andygarneruk
When a datasource has more columns than the grid can display, the user
can scroll the columns hoizontally to bring the right most columns
into view.

When RowSelect = True however, clicking a cell in one of these
normally out of view columns causes the grid to cancel the horizontal
scroll and display column 1 in the left most position.

How can I have the grid retain the active column in view please?

Thanks, Andy.

Here is my grid definition:

object grdCustomers: TIB_Grid
Left = 0
Top = 40
Width = 789
Height = 489
TreeOptions.NodeIndent = 25
CustomGlyphsSupplied = []
DataSource = dmDatCustomer.dtsCustomer
Align = alClient
OnDblClick = grdCustomersDblClick
ReadOnly = True
TabOrder = 1
RowSelect = True
OrderingColor = 16777168

IBO 4.5Ag
XP Pro SP2