Subject Help File, was Re: [IBO] Re: Third posting
Author andygarneruk
> Andy Garner wrote:
> The help file entry for RowSelect says "This property makes the
> whole selected row appear highlighted or not".

> Dany Marmur wrote:
> Andy,
> I won't get into detail here - I took a cursory look. RowSelect does
> not just make the row appear selected, it changes the behaviour of
> Home/End and such and navigation on the whole.

> Helen Borrie wrote:
> If you have the source, you'll already know that Jason
> writes the helptext right inside the source units.

Thanks both for the helpful feedback. However I'm still stuck on the
effect of RowSelect. Having found a number of references in
IB_Grid.pas I wasn't able to read the source well enough to work out
what is happening. Not finding any source comments for this specific
property I'm no nearer to being able to write a line or two to add to
the help file.

My findings so far are that the help file entry makes no mention of
RowSelect affecting navigation, RowSelect is not listed in the
keywords on the IBO Community site FAQ, and unfortunately the source
is sufficiently impenetrable (to me at least) to provide assistance.

RowSelect does more than "makes the whole selected row appear
highlighted or not" but I'm unable to fathom out what that is. Does
anyone have a little more time to spend on the case with me please?