Subject [IBO] Re: Third posting - is anyone able to offer a suggestion please?
Author dmarmur2002
--- In, Paul Vinkenoog <paul@v...> wrote:
> Hi Dany,
> > I switched from C++ to Pascal just because I wanted to use IBO.
> You didn't have to: IBO works just as fine with Borland C++ Builder
> as with Delphi. You can even change the sources and rebuild from
> within the BCB IDE.

OK, OK. This was some time ago. The CPPB I had at the time could
compile but not trace. It did not help me very much in understanding
neither Pascal nor IBO. Neither to debug the "patches" I had to make
in IBO.

Anyway - to me it's academic today - I vaguely remember I would have
to step up to some other version (Prof, Studio, Arch - whatever) of
CPPB to gain that functionality and that was somwhere about $2500. Not
an option at the time.

If you like to continue this thread, please do it privately - it's of
little interest to others and I have to go through pains to *post* in
this NG (thats why I so seldom contribute).

Late Regards,