Subject Re: [IBO] About the v.4.5Ai Eval kit
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:04 PM 27/01/2005 +1100, I wrote:

>FWIW, current problems seem to apply only to the Eval kit and apparently
>only to D6 right now. I am about to post a zipfile at the Download page of
>the IBO website, containing IB_Monitor.dcu and IB_Components.dcu for D6.
>Give me about 10 minutes.

OK, subsequent to today's list messages I have updated the D6 DCU pack and
also uploaded one for Delphi 7 (Download page at

Note that these DCUs are specific to v.4.5Ai. They won't work with the
older 4.5Ag or 4.5Ah Eval kits.