Subject About the v.4.5Ai Eval kit
Author Helen Borrie
OK, I hope this message gets to all those currently having problems with
the download installer kit for evaluating IBO.

Some problems are apparent with the current kit and, unfortunately, the
only way we can differentiate between the various versions of the Eval kit
that Jason built from 4.5Ai is by the timestamp. Depending on where and
when you downloaded your kit, you will have different builds of the installer.

It appears that all Eval kits end up with missing or lost DCU files - just
different ones. It's not exactly straightforward. :-(

By way of a stopgap, as soon as I can get to it, I will start assembling
DCU packs containing the DCU files that we know are missing. I will add
links to the Download page. I will begin with the D6 DCUs, since D6 seems
to be the main source of problems at present.

It will be some hours, though. I lost the HDD on my main server yesterday,
a public holiday here in Australia. I have to go out and get a new drive
and fix my server before I can do much else. Ach, and my washing machine
is currently having fits and the temperature here is climbing into the 30's.

Will do what I can - though, Jason may well read this in time to stop me
and let us know that he's working on it right now....that's the ideal
solution, as I don't have the scripts for the installers here.