Subject IBX+Clientdataset equivalent in IBO
Author pringplata
I have been searching the web for IBO+Midas(Datasnap) implementation
how-to's, and found nothing. Apparently IBO isn't made to work with,
or is not necessary to work with Midas. Instead I found it to be a
subject of debate(?) between Jason W and the proponents of IBX.

I am still in the process of evaluating different components. What
had appealed to me was the IBX+Clientdatasets setup, not for any
special reason but because cached updates via clientdatasets seem to
fulfill my requirements, which are all client/server at the moment.
But since there is the issue of Interbase-Firebird separation (I've
recently chosen FB), the usefulness of IBX for me is slightly
diminishing, thus the search for alternatives.

I have already downloaded IBO 4.5 Eval, started to play with it and
it's nice, err... great. My question is, what is the IBO version of
the IBX+Clientdataset setup? Are there components that are similar to
(or better than) Clientdatasets?

As with licensing, does Jason (hello, Jason) allow the use of the IBO
Eval for personal or noncommercial projects (with the mandatory nag
screen of course)?

Off topic, does anyone here use XanaNews reader? I can view the
messages here ( but I can't figure how to post
messages via XanaNews.

Thanks in advance.