Subject Re: IBX+Clientdataset equivalent in IBO
Author constantijnw
Hi Jeff,

--- In, "pringplata" <pringplata@y...> wrote:
> I have been searching the web for IBO+Midas(Datasnap) implementation
> how-to's, and found nothing.

You could search the archives of this forum. Also, in the files
section you can find Helen's demo

> I am still in the process of evaluating different components. What
> had appealed to me was the IBX+Clientdatasets setup, not for any
> special reason but because cached updates via clientdatasets seem to
> fulfill my requirements, which are all client/server at the moment.
> But since there is the issue of Interbase-Firebird separation (I've
> recently chosen FB), the usefulness of IBX for me is slightly
> diminishing, thus the search for alternatives.

I use IBO with DataSnap, typically:
TIBOQuery for SELECTs, and
TIB_DSQL for updates (via the BeforeUpdateRecord eventhandler).
But as the demo shows TIBOQuery is sufficient also.

> I have already downloaded IBO 4.5 Eval, started to play with it and
> it's nice, err... great. My question is, what is the IBO version of
> the IBX+Clientdataset setup? Are there components that are similar to
> (or better than) Clientdatasets?

TClientDataSet is not designed for large (> 100k records) datasets. In
that case I use TkbmMemTable of Kim Madsen, which also can be used
with IBO.