Subject Re: Fixed eval installer, looking for someone to test with it
Author Orlando
Hi Jason

I made installation in Delphi 6 Enterprise but I had the following
message of error I "There appears to be a conflict with another
installation of IBO Please poperly uninstall prior installations and
try this installation again"

Made the cleanness of the old archives and confirmed not ha no
archive of the IBO (old) before the installation I must make plus
some thing?

PS.: I used the options standard of the installer



--- In, "Jason Wharton" <jwharton@i...>
> Will some of you please go to
> and download the evaluation version with the installer and test it
> Please let me know ASAP if it works because I'd like to make this
> PS. Sorry for my relative absence of late. I'll be back in full
swing in a
> little bit.
> Jason Wharton