Subject Re: [IBO] Problem with AutoLabels
Author Steve Fields
Good. Now try all of these steps with AutoLabel.Kind set to albTop.
I forgot to put that one step in. The default Spacing is set to 3
which places the label a little high above the edit field. And this,
of course, flops over when using a albLeft configuration.
(And, BTW, when you set the Kind to albLeftCenter the height of the
label is still affected by the margin value.)

Set it with the minimum of components following:
TIB_Connection: with a link to any database
TIB_Query: with any sql statement giving some data
TIB_Datasource: linked to the TIB_Query
TIB_Edit1: linked to the TIB_Datasource and any field
TIB_Edit2: linked to the TIB_Datasource and any field
1 and 2 both set to albTop.
Set the edit area to smaller than the label's width.

Do with TIB_Edit2 all of these:
1. Truncates.
2. albTrimX = True. No truncation.
3. Use TIB_Edit1 as Model for the AutoLabel.
TIB_Edit1 AutoLabel truncates again.
4. Set albTrimX on TIB_Edit1 to true.
TIB_Edit2 still truncated.

Also, in addition to these things, changing other
settings for the autolabel does not make the
_children_ follow suite. Margin, etc.

Conclusion: Any model causes truncation on albTop with or
without albTrimX set to true. Without a model it still
truncates albTop, but with albTrimX set to true it does
not truncate.

All in all, though I like the changes, just wasn't ready
for them. Could you add a couple of more settings in the
types. This would take care of my problems, possibly others
also: albTopLeft, albLeftTop.

Will you be in _charge_ of maintaining this part of the
IBO code base in the future?

In my past usage of IBO products I tried to leave all of
the stuff under-the-hood alone as it worked perfectly for
what I needed. My major draw to Jason's product was the
different functions that had to do with the appearance
of the controls, etc. So these changes affected my user
base more than whether everything was faster or not. :\

Steve Fields