Subject Re: [IBO] Fixed eval installer, looking for someone to test with it
Author Mark Pickersgill
Ran the installer and it appeared to install the components
successfully (selected to install into Delphi 5 only). However, a few
points to note:
- There needs to be another library path added for the root of the IBO
source folder. On my Delphi 5 Enterprise setup only this folder was
added to the library path: D:\d5tools\IBO\D5. Need to add D:\d5tools\IBO
as well.
- As Helen mentioned (I don't know if it was meant to be fixed in this
one), the runtime dlls are installed into the delphi bin directory and
the design time packages into the projects/bpl folder.
- The uninstaller does not clean-up the bpl and dcp files.
- Uninstaller does not remove the library path (even though the folder
is deleted).
- It appears that the core pre-compiled .dcu files, such as
IB_Events.dcu, are not installed, so if you go to recompile the BPG
files they fail.


Jason Wharton wrote:

>Will some of you please go to
>and download the evaluation version with the installer and test it out?
>Please let me know ASAP if it works because I'd like to make this official.
>PS. Sorry for my relative absence of late. I'll be back in full swing in a
>little bit.
>Jason Wharton