Subject Re: [IBO] Fixed eval installer, looking for someone to test with it
Author Salvatore Besso
hello Jason,

just downloaded and tested (Delphi 7 Pro). The problems are still there, like in
my previous messages:

Case 1, installation without registration into the IDE:

The package files are not copied, except for a package of Delphi 3 that I don't
know why it is copied. IB_Components.pas is missing. The wait message for
compilation appears even if it doesn't have to compile.

Case 2, complete installation with registration into the IDE:

The package files are now copied, but that package for Delphi 3 is copied too
and also compiled (why?). IB_Components.pas is still missing.

BTW, I don't know if you have received two private messages that I sent to you
in the last couple of days, but I have almost finished an application that
uninstalls and unregisters previous versions (even IBO 3), compiles the whole
package, registers it into the IDE, compiles the samples and the tools. It
detects multiple targets, for example multiple Delphi and BCB installations and
processes on demand all targets at the same time. It is perfectly callable from
the main installer. It is not completely finished yet (today I'm going to make
some "live" testing with real file deletions and real registry modifications to
see if it could have problems). Anyway, to make it work, it needs a redesign of
the IBO directory tree, but I don't think it might represent a big problem :-)

For now it handles only Delphi 7, but knowing the details of the other target
versions it's a matter of a bunch of time to integrate them, since the target
detection part is already working. The application doesn't require any third
party component to be compiled, it requires only Delphi. If you are interested,
I will be very happy to donate it to you, but I need a bit of cooperation to
terminate it :-)