Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Problem with AutoLabels
Author Mark Pickersgill

I cannot replicate the Control generator issue of not displaying the
labels after the first IB_Edit is added.
My test dataset had 5 fields, with a mix of numeric, datetime, varchar
and integer. I tried dragging both fields onto the form and then one by
one. Both ways of adding the controls resulted in the labels being present.

The only issues I can find are the autolabel kind setting is not being
respected and the new autolabel kinds aren't present in the drop-down
list and the Datasource not being assigned. I'll try and figure out
what's going on this weekend.

As for the overlaying and missing labels I could not reproduce the problem.


>And another related problem:
> When using the TIB_Datasource Control Generator, when
>dragging and dropping the first and several fields to a
>form: The first field only generates a label and the second
>ignores the autolabel kind setting (left, top, etc), but
>places the label to the left of the edit field, overlaying
>the label for the first field. (Which happens to be the
>primary key for the dataset, and matches the data type,
> When selecting and dropping any further down the list the
>labels are generated with the edits but still ignores the
>kind setting.
> Also, btw, isn't the datasource field supposed to be carried
>to the form alos? I get TIB_Edits, for example, that all have
>the Datasource field left empty. I have to reassigne them on
>the form.
>Steve Fields