Subject [IBO] Re: Problem with AutoLabels
Author Steve Fields
Mark Pickersgill wrote:
> Hi Steve,
> I will try to look into the Model truncation issue over the next
> days - is the issue solely that Autolabels that follow a model are not
> correctly truncating the text when they should?

All of them are truncating, whether they follow a model or not.
The only thing that stops this is albTrimX set to TRUE
(does not make sense: set trim of x to True?)

> As for the parent font issue, some discussion about this was made for
> using the Parent font of the TIB_Edit (or whatever other control is
> used) as the basis for the Font (only if the TIB_Edit control has it's
> ParentFont property set to true). Ate the moment, the Font is simply
> compared to Delphi's DefaultFont variable. Not sure if anything was
> about this in recent versions of 4.5.
Changing the font of the TIB_Edit does not change the label's font
I am getting this problem basically in TGroupBox where all of the
TIB_Edits along with their labels are being set to match the group

> As for the TIB_Datasource Control Generator, I'm afraid I'm not
> with its workings. Was the Autolabel side of things working with it in
> earlier versions?
> Mark
The TIB_DatasSource control generator worked before. Now it does not
even follow the Kind of setting in the autolabel area: It always puts
them to the left. It also does not reflect the new settings. If you
check the "seperate TIB_Label" it does not even put labels on the form.

And, saying politely, who are you?
And what is your involvement with the TIB_Edits Autolabel?

Anyway the changes in the autolabel behavior have broken all of the
forms that I have created using autolabel. Where the margin before
meant space from the left or from the top depending on the location
of the label it now is split between the margin and the spacing. Both
of which are defaulting to 3. This makes all of my TIB_Edits labels
above the top of the forms where I place them. I have to go back and
check every form, 100s, to make sure they even line up again.
This may have been alright if everyone had known of the changes before
they had been made so that we could have said something.
All of the new things look like they might be very interesting and
very usable. But again, if the defaults had been left alone there
would probably have been no problems.
With 8 projects and 10 forms each this involves a lot of _going back
and checking what has changed and fix it_.

Sorry if this e-mail sounds too abrupt, I am at home with a cold
and am not feeling too well. But this needed addressing before I
get back to work and listen to complaints from users on the changes...

Thanks for answering the questions,
Steve Fields