Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Installing IBO on Win98SE with D5
Author Helen Borrie
At 12:28 AM 4/01/2005 +0000, you wrote:

> > Um....I'd suspect the one in delphi\source\vcl - there shouldn't be
> > there. As a reality check, try renaming it. (I mean you *are*
>looking for
> > something weird here...)
> >
> > It also wouldn't hurt to check your delphi path. (Open a command
>box and
> > type path).
> >
>Thanks Helen. I renamed comctrls.dcu in source\vcl as you've
>suggested but still can't install. The Delphi path is ok. I even
>think my Delphi system is stable (ok, not that stable). My point is,
>this failure to install, accompanied with this peculiar message,
>happened only when I attempted to install IBO 4.5 Ah Eval. Don't get
>me wrong, IBO is great that's why I insist on finding ways to install
>on my Win98se.
>Back to the problem, I believe all necessary files to build the
>design time components and tools are extracted to the ibo4 folder, at
>least. The pas's, dfm's, dpk's and dpr's are all there, but they're
>not installed in the IDE. So, is there anyway I could do a manual
>compilation and registration of the components? Would you please help
>me with a step-by-step guide on how go about it?

Oh-oh-oh - right....these 4.5 Eval kits are betas. I didn't know the 4.5
Ah Eval kit suffered from these problems. (The 4.5 Ai one sure does!!) I
can't access any of the 4.5 Ah pieces currently, they seem have been
removed from the source server.

There is a file named How_To_Install.txt, which has detailed instructions
for installing from the BPG file. (You should find the file IBO40_D5.bpg
in your IBO root directory). I've just uploaded the doc to the Files area
of this list. (Registration isn't a problem - there's a *reg.pas file for
each of the packages).

Now, I tried a BPG install for D7/IBO 4.5Ai Eval, and it fell over with
mismatches in some of the DCU files. I can only suggest that you grab the
document and see how you get on with the 4.5Ah stuff..

Sorry I can't be more helpful at the moment. Last time Jason communicated
with me about it, pre-Christmas, he was trying to sort out some problems
with the installers.