Subject Re: Installing IBO on Win98SE with D5
Author pringplata
> Um....I'd suspect the one in delphi\source\vcl - there shouldn't be
> there. As a reality check, try renaming it. (I mean you *are*
looking for
> something weird here...)
> It also wouldn't hurt to check your delphi path. (Open a command
box and
> type path).

Thanks Helen. I renamed comctrls.dcu in source\vcl as you've
suggested but still can't install. The Delphi path is ok. I even
think my Delphi system is stable (ok, not that stable). My point is,
this failure to install, accompanied with this peculiar message,
happened only when I attempted to install IBO 4.5 Ah Eval. Don't get
me wrong, IBO is great that's why I insist on finding ways to install
on my Win98se.

Back to the problem, I believe all necessary files to build the
design time components and tools are extracted to the ibo4 folder, at
least. The pas's, dfm's, dpk's and dpr's are all there, but they're
not installed in the IDE. So, is there anyway I could do a manual
compilation and registration of the components? Would you please help
me with a step-by-step guide on how go about it?

Thanks in advance.