Subject R: Spam:[IBO] IBO with RxLib - Memory Table
Author Marco Lauria
I had this problem in the past.
There is no memory table derived from TIB_Statement or TIB_Dataset available.
I ended up using memory tables (when I needed it and now I can tell you that correctly designing the database the need for the is really a few)
With standard TDataSource and TIBOQueries instead of TIB_Queries.

Also instead of using RX I think it would be a better choice to use kbm memory table.
It's free, it's fast.
Try it from

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Inviato: venerdì 27 agosto 2004 20.45
Oggetto: Spam:[IBO] IBO with RxLib - Memory Table

Dear Friends

Delphi 7 / IBO 4.3a Registered / Interbase 6.01

I migrated my app from BDE/Paradox to IB/IBO, and of course I use RxLib.
I need to eliminate BDE completely, but in some reports I use
RxMemoryTable. Are there a version of these component (or equivalent)
that I can use with IBO?

Thanks in advance.