Subject Proposed AutoLabel Mods
Author Mark Pickersgill
I've added some enhancements to the AutoLabels as well as some
documentation for them.

I've placed a file in the group's files area as

This file contains the modified IBC_Label.pas file, demo apps, screen
shots and an indepth description of the changes and impacts.

I'd encourage everyone who uses AutoLabels to give it a whirl and
see how your current applications look with the changes (hopefully
minimal or no visual difference).

Please see the README.TXT file in the above zip file for further
details, but here are the main changes:
- Added albTopCenter and albLeftCenter AutoLabel Kinds allowing centered
- Added a Spacing property to allow the label to be distanced from the
- Added Font, Transparent & Color properties
- Added TrimX and TrimY options for control over the clickable region of
the AutoLabel
- Lots of comments for extracting into the helpfile.
- Fixed an auto-sizing bug when using a Model.

Any feedback welcome.