Subject RE: [IBO] Re: Pre-sale questions
Author Jason Wharton

I know we have discussed this and there are pro's and con's, but I do say
that I request, not require, that people continue to upgrade to cover their
*usage* of IBO, whether there are updates available or not. My goal was/is
to create a product so robust and feature complete that it would eventually
stabilize and not require continuous updates as a *good* thing for a long
time. In other words, I didn't want to be motivated to stick 3 years worth
of features on the shelf just waiting to release them a piece at a time so I
could continually milk a revenue stream and in the process cause a lot of
app destabilization just so that new features could be introduced into

Now, I am well aware that updates are needed and I am behind my goals for
releasing bug-fixes right now. But, for the most part, I believe I have
been very successful at delivering a product that has done very well to give
many features as well as great stability both. This is rare in the industry
and I'm proud to have accomplished it to the degree I have. I hope that the
request for people to pay for upgrades will happen even if they don't want
new updates.

So, in short, you are correct to say I do not require it. But I most
definitely do request it in trust. Also, everyone please resist the
temptation to be confused here. The source of the confusion is because you
are used to things being concretely spelled out. The only thing that is
concrete is the principle that Trustware operates under. Everything else
can be worked out based on common sense. Some will use it for free, others
at reduced partial pricing and others at full pricing.

I am open to receiving private requests for special pricing, etc. too.

Kind regards,
Jason Wharton