Subject Re: [IBO] How to speed up reading TIBOQuery records
Author Andreas Bednarek

> For your question i got 3 ideas,i know you have more experience,but when i
am thinking about fundamental of speed and processing then you shoud
increase your database cache and system cache

I better won't, because not every system my app is running on has much

> to use view to get desired data using delphi with indexing

If you say you are a beginner, I can say that too. :-) :-( As far as I
understood something about FB, I thought that a SQL query creates a view
already, so I work with a view, or what do you mean?

>3rd way is try your concept on linux or unix platform because of their
effective file system structure than window's platform.

Hmm.. the app simply runs on the Win platform only and having the FB server
on a remote Linux machine would make thing worse for sure. :-(

> But please help me about delphi and firebird connection through IBO4...

Whats your problem? I'm not sure if I can help, I simply use the
TIBODatabase component to connect to FB database. Simply set some properties
and call TIBODatabase.Connect.. :-)