Subject How to speed up reading TIBOQuery records
Author Andreas Bednarek

Using IBO with FB1.5RC8 and Delphi4 I'm reading IBOQuery results into my own
structures to manage them and display in ListView in virtual mode.

I can read about 30000 records in 20secs (HD is not still, although enough
memory could be available) but often there are more needed and I would
really like to speed up. Executing IBOQuery.Open over a large DB (600000
records) is much more faster than reading the result afterwards record by
record. I also don't know any other way than to use the FieldByName()
method, which might also be the case why it's not as fast as I would like.

Please anybody has any suggestions how to speed up? But I definitely need to
read the records into my own memory structures to manage/modify them later
as fast as possible (no DB feedback is necessary then).

Thanks in advance