Subject Re: [IBO] Re: How to speed up reading TIBOQuery records
Author Andreas Bednarek
> > I can read about 30000 records in 20secs (HD is not still, although
> enough
> > memory could be available) but often there are more needed and I
> would

> 1) Call TIBQuery.DisableControls even if nothing is pointing at it.
> (Haven't done this with IBO's but I have seen speed improvemnts with
> all that I have).

That didn't help. (If I won some miliseconds I didn't recognise :-)

> 2) And if you have TDataSource.Dataset pointing to the TIBOQuery, set
> it's DataSet property to nil--this still increases speed.
I don't.

What I did now is using Field[n] instead of FieldByName. But the surprising
thing is, that while reading 2000 records is faster, for 30000 its equal. I
think it's maybe that those 2000 recs fit in some cache whereas 30000 don't,
so then it is the HD which is the bottleneck of data throughput. Maybe I
don't really know.

Thanks for tips