Subject Re: [IBO] IBObjects compatible with Borland Delphi 8?
Author Carlos H. Cantu
No, Delphi 8 has no VCL. It has VCL.Net, that is a diferent thing. If
you need .Net right now, your choice is the Firebird .Net provider.

Delphi 9 will compile for .Net and Win32, so it will have Winforms,
VCL.Net and VCL Win32.

FireBase -

>> On 24-Jul-2004 09:37:29, Carlos H. Cantu wrote:
>> There is no IBO version for .Net yet, so: no, you can't use it in D8,
>> but probably you can use it with D9, that will bring Win32 support
>> into the IDE.

MW> Can I use it in Delphi 8 for building VCL applications only though? If not,
MW> what alternative products are out there for D8 that would give similar
MW> features?

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