Subject Re: [IBO] Re: Can't see buttons on TIB_UpdateBar
Author Joe Martinez
>No change. It still wants the runtime libraries. Note, there's no way an
>80 Kb exe could have been built without runtime libraries!!

Well, I guess I don't know how, then. I went into Project->Options, to the
Linker tab, and unchecked "Use Dynamic RTL". Is there something else I need
to do?

>I built a sample the same as your DFM. Environment is
>Win2K Sp2
>Delphi 5 Ent
>IBO 4.3Aa
>No runtime libraries - the EXE is 1062 Kb
>There is one difference: your sample is looking at "employee.gdb" which,
>regardless of where it came from, is a Dialect 1 database. Mine is looking
>at employee.fdb, a Dialect 3 database.
>You can download it here:
>File : /
> Uploaded by : helebor <helebor@...>
> Description : For Joe Martinez
>You can access the file at the URL
>Please run the EXE, which runs exactly as expected on my system. (You'll
>have to slot in your own path location and name for the employee database).

Ok, I ran your EXE, and it works fine, as I expected. This further cements
the fact that there's something weird in the way the my apps are getting
compiled. I just don't know what else to try.