Subject RE: [IBO] Re: DataSetProvider, ClientDataSet performance
Author Glenn Stephens
Mainly because it doesn't continuously connect/disconnect. Once it receives the data that's it. The applications will run for months without a need for getting the data again. This system is working in place now. I'd just like to make it faster.


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Subject: RE: [IBO] Re: DataSetProvider, ClientDataSet performance

> Put open/close actions in a loop executing a couple of thousand times.
> > I see no reason to put a timer on it. but go ahead and I'll try your
> code
> I certainly agree with you that fetching records in 1 ms or 21 ms
> isn't noticeable, and it is certainly irrelevant in a multi-tier app
> over a WAN. And if Glenn must wait for 21 seconds before records are
> all fetched then the first thing to look at is the design of
> dataretrieval.
> Nevertheless everybody wants his favorite components to be fast.

I that's what your app needs to do (i.e. connect/disconnect continuously)
why don't you just enhance subsequent connects by caching the schema data?

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