Subject Can't see buttons on TIB_UpdateBar
Author jmartine3
I'm having a problem with the TIB_UpdateBar component. The glyphs on
the buttons are invisible. I am NOT using custom glyphs.

Everything was fine before, when compiled on my old dev machine, using
IBO 4.2 Gc. On my new dev machine, I installed IBO 4.3Aa, and now I
have the problem with the executable when compiled here.

The problem is definitely in the executable (not just at design time).
I'm also using TIB_NavigationBar, with the exact same appearance
settings, and it works just fine.

Although I can't be certain, I'm assuming that it's the version of
IBO, and not something else on my dev machine, since the difference is
in the executable.

Here is my environment:

Windows XP
Borland C++ Builder 4
IBO 4.3Aa
Firebird 1.0

Appearance settings in the TIB_UpdateBar:

Color: cl3DDkShadow
Ctl3DL: true
CustomGlyphs: {null}
Flat: true
ParentColor: false
ParentCtl3D: false
Visible: true
VisibleButtons: ubEdit,ubInsert,ubDelete,ubPost,ubCancel

I have also tried it with the default values that it comes with when
you first drop it on the form, and I have the same problem that way