Subject Installing IBO_4_3_A using bcb 5 prof
Author lordlordsteven
Hi all!

I almost installed IBO :-)
I did it like this :
After opening the group, go to the Project Manager en build all the
projects in the listed order, from top to bottom. Attention:
- Choose "build" for the projects with names like IBO40*RT_... (those
are runtime packages);
- Choose "install" for projects named IBO40*DT_... (design time pks)
as well as for IBO40FTS_... and IBO40RPL_... (rt/dt packages).
I build and installed all bpls
but IBO40EDT_C5.bpl.
It won´t compile -> Fatal: Unable to open file 'COPKG32.OBJ'

Since i build all other files i should have all *.obj files,
so i dont know what to do.

Does anyone has a solution?

Stephan Treder