Subject Re: [IBO] Installing IBO_4_3_A using bcb 5 prof
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi Stephan,

> After opening the group, go to the Project Manager en build all the
> projects in the listed order, from top to bottom. Attention:

> - Choose "build" for the projects with names like IBO40*RT_...
(those are runtime packages);
> - Choose "install" for projects named IBO40*DT_... (design time pks)
> as well as for IBO40FTS_... and IBO40RPL_... (rt/dt packages).
> I build and installed all bpls
> but IBO40EDT_C5.bpl.
> It won´t compile -> Fatal: Unable to open file 'COPKG32.OBJ'
> Since i build all other files i should have all *.obj files,
> so i dont know what to do.

Did it really say:

Unable to open file 'COPKG32.OBJ'

(filename's second character is letter O)

I suppose not, but if it did: open IBO40EDT_C5.bpk in a text editor,
find that filename and change letter O to digit 0.

If it really said:

Unable to open file 'C0PKG32.OBJ'

(filename's second character is digit O)

then the filename is correct (this is a BCB library file). In that
case it's probably the LIBPATH that's wrong. Open the project and go
to Project -> Options -> Directories/Conditionals. Click on the "..."
button after Library Path. From the list that you see now, remove the
paths ".." and "..\..\lib" as they will probably do you more harm than
good (unless you compile your projects on Jason's computer).

Now add this path: $(BCB)\lib
Then click OK twice to get out of the dialogs.

But wait - before you rebuild the project, click the "green plus"
button (add file to project), change the filter to *.pas and add
IB_DataSourceEditor to the project. Then save and rebuild.

Hope this helps,
Paul Vinkenoog