Subject RE: [IBO] Absolute unique value/generator/SP problem
Author adrian
>Thanks Paul, GeneratorLinks is a bit too automatic for me as the field
>initialized with a "temporary" order number (incase the user cancels
>order, don't want to use up an order nbr).


That is exactly my problem, and that is why I was using a generator on
the before/after event as shown in my example earlier.
I'm downloading the GSG as we speak .. just overlooked it all this time.

I recall having a look at the TI sheat on auditable sequence, but
remember I found it quite a mouthful.

The problem, or advantage of all is that there are so many ways to
perform the same task, and for the non-fulltime programmer, hobbyist
like myself, this gets a bit confusing.

I will like to tidy up shop though, and will give it a real bash.

I see your book is due 07/07/2004 at

I just wouldn't accept them axing 200 pages. They should just sponsor
you or get their act together. Wow!! Imagine me removing half of your
gallbladder and leaving the rest !




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