Subject ibo install -- ib_header.dcu not found
Author jim mcnamara

i am trying to build all per the installation instructions. i checked
that all the packages to ensure they match my version of delphi
and got rid of any that didnt. i have the project manager window up
showing all the packages (.bpl) . another window is showing
the compile option (not greyed) with one of the .dpk packages i opened.
i go to project and choose build all
and get the error message in the subject line. i looked for the file
ib_header.dcu in my downloads and couldnt find it.

for my browsing path i added the following

for the libary path i only had to add $(DELPHI)\ibo
the $(DELPHI)\lib;$(DELPHI)\projects\bpl were already set up in the
library path

the $(DELPHI)\ibo directory contains all the .dpk files matching my
version of delphi

i almost though i had it.
thanks for any help.


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