Subject How/where do download purchased IBO?
Author Joe Martinez
1 week ago, I re-purchased IBO, since I had let my subscription lapse, and
I wanted the latest version. I don't remember if I downloaded it or
not. If I did, I can't find where I saved it.

I want to download it now, but I can't figure out where!?!?!?! I have my
email confirmation of my purchase from "Cps - Computer Programing
Solutions", but it gives absolutely no indication of where do download
it. I tried logging onto the web site, but either I don't have a login, or
I can't figure out what my username would be.



P.S. Here is my confirmation:

========= GENERAL INFORMATION =========

Merchant : Cps - Computer Programing Solutions
Date/Time : 09-Jun-2004 02:49:53 AM

========= ORDER INFORMATION =========
Invoice : WEB104571
Description :
Amount : 395.00 (USD)
Payment Method : MasterCard

Customer ID :
First Name : Joseph
Last Name : Martinez
Company : JMM Software, Inc.
Address : 316 El Portal Way
City : San Jose
State/Province : CA
Zip/Postal Code : 95119
Country : USA
Phone : 408-578-3552
Fax : 703-935-7782
E-Mail : smrdbs@...

First Name :
Last Name :
Company :
Address :
City :
State/Province :
Zip/Postal Code :
Country :

Thank you very much for your order!