Subject Re: [IBO] ibo install -- ib_header.dcu not found
Author Helen Borrie
At 07:30 PM 16/06/2004 -0400, you wrote:
>i am trying to build all per the installation instructions. i checked
>that all the packages to ensure they match my version of delphi
>and got rid of any that didnt. i have the project manager window up
>showing all the packages (.bpl) . another window is showing
>the compile option (not greyed) with one of the .dpk packages i opened.
>i go to project and choose build all
>and get the error message in the subject line. i looked for the file
>ib_header.dcu in my downloads and couldnt find it.

Delphi looks first for the .pas file and then for the .dcu file. When it
can't find either, it tells you the .dcu file is missing.

You have ib_header.pas. More comments in-line....

>for my browsing path i added the following
>for the libary path i only had to add $(DELPHI)\ibo
>the $(DELPHI)\lib;$(DELPHI)\projects\bpl were already set up in the
>library path

You are telling Delphi that you installed IBO in a directory named
c:\Program Files\Borland\Delphi7\ibo. Did you? The appearance of the error
seems to indicate otherwise...

If you installed ibo in c:\ibo then that's the path you have to put into
the library path.

>the $(DELPHI)\ibo directory contains all the .dpk files matching my
>version of delphi

Assuming the path is right, the ibo directory should also have all of the
.pas and .dpk files.

Did you actually download and unzip TWO files from the IBO download
page? You should have got and, unzipping
first and then IB_Header.pas is in Also get the
How_To_Install.txt as it contains blow-by-blow instructions as well as
notes to get you past some of the Delphi traps, like e.g. needing to open
the first package before beginning the build; and which packages you need
to "install" after the Build All, i.e. the design-time pkgs for the components.